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  • After “Open Casket”: What Emmett Till Teaches Us Today

    Emmett Till

    They found Emmett Till’s casket in 2009. It was under a tarp in a shed in Burr Oak Cemetery, outside Chicago. When they opened it, possums scurried out. The casket had come out of the earth five years earlier. The U.S. Department of Justice had reopened the case of Till’s lynching in 1955 in Mississippi, […]

  • Zadie Smith Passes the Freedom Down, and Lets It Ring

    When Vanity Fair asked her greatest regrets, Zadie Smith answered, “Letting my father go to voice mail the day he died. Not having children earlier. Not being able to live two completely different lives simultaneously.” Feel Free, Smith’s new collection of essays, demonstrates the writer’s ongoing fascination with the power of self-creation and transformation. Smith […]


    Here’s one book tour performer it’s OK for Lena Dunham not to pay: Tonight, “life partner” Jack Antonoff will play with his band Bleachers at her reading. But that’s not all — friend, Girls co-star, and kick-ass chick prototype Jemima Kirke will join in for a Q&A sesh hosted by — and here’s the real […]


    At the year’s final Live From the NYPL event, novelist Zadie Smith discusses physical space and geography in fiction with graphic novelist Chris Ware. Smith’s latest novel, NW, threads stories of childhood friends through a particular northwest London neighborhood, while Ware’s Building Stories is a literal box of graphic fiction centered on a Chicago apartment […]


    Tonight, feel like a part of the literati by rubbing elbows with two lit-world superstars when Zadie Smith, author of the bestsellers White Teeth and On Beauty and recently tenured professor of fiction at NYU, discusses the craft of writing with Nathan Englander (The Ministry of Special Cases), who’s currently writing a play based on […]

  • Nabokov, Meet 50 Cent: Zadie Smith’s Changing My Mind

    Those who have been paying attention to Zadie Smith since her White Teeth debut likely already know about her affinities for E.M. Forster, Lil Wayne, George Eliot, Kafka, and Fawlty Towers. She’s one of probably three working writers capable of smuggling a riff on the perils of “keeping it real” into The New York Review […]


    Northern Irish author and poet Nick Laird‘s 2005 debut novel Utterly Monkey was a terrific send-up of life at a law firm—a subject Laird was quite familiar with himself; he worked as a lawyer for six years before wisely switching to writing full-time. His new London-set novel, Glover’s Mistake, concerns a cynical journalist turned blogger […]

  • Irish Novelist Nick Laird Goes Utterly Pug

    At the Happy Ending Reading Series, which takes place at Joe’s Pub these days, authors are encouraged to “take public risks.” In practice, this generally translates to: humiliate yourself. And so it comes to pass on a lovely July evening that Nick Laird, the Northern Irish writer and author of the just-released novel Glover’s Mistake, […]

  • Only Connect

    Zadie Smith swears she is not her own worst critic. “Oh no, there are much worse. Google a little! There are people who hate me way more than I hate me,” she says lightly, speaking by cell phone from a cozy hammock in her North London backyard. Despite this protest, Smith has been unusually outspoken […]

  • Desperate Househusbands

    For a long time, Masterpiece Theater cornered the market in upper-middlebrow. You know the type: quality entertainment with a vaguely educational aura ranging from costume dramas to high-class thrillers in the Prime Suspect vein. The predictable ingredients include top-notch acting, well-wrought scripts (typically adapted from a canonical novel, with an occasional tip of the hat […]