Tag: Yoav Shamir

  • On American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

    Noam Chomsky reveres him. Leon Wieseltier hates him. Alan Dershowitz called him an anti-Semite and applied successful pressure to deny him tenure at DePaul University. All of this will give you a rough idea of where political scientist Norman Finkelstein stands on the political spectrum, though “American radical” may be a misnomer for an intellectual […]

  • Defamation Eyes the Modern Face of Anti-Semitism

    Jewish Israeli director Yoav Shamir’s cheerfully incendiary documentary about the modern face of anti-Semitism begins with Shamir (Checkpoint) blundering, Michael Moore–style, through the New York offices of the Anti-Defamation League, where Abe Foxman and his minions dutifully rout out a “spike” in anti-Semitic incidents that include office workers denied vacation for the High Holy Days […]

  • Bearing the Unbearable: Israeli and Palestinian Films About the Conflict

    “Try to make me look good,” grins one Israeli soldier midway through Checkpoint. “Blame it on the higher ranks, not me.” Shot at various checkpoints from 2001 through 2003, Yoav Shamir’s documentary looks on in (mostly) silent witness as Palestinians wait in all types of weather to negotiate a Kafkaesque maze of permits, curfews, and […]

  • New Directors/New Films

    Vodka Lemon April 1 through 3 With a wry pH balance between Kaurismäki and Paradjanov, this Armenian comedy about a post-Soviet mountain village, its boondocks cemetery, its single bus, and two sexagenarians finding love in the ruins is a wonder, filthy with eccentric images, unpredictable relationships, and an acerbic but generous view of life on […]