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  • Year of the Takeout Day 164: Ma Ma Na NY Bakery Inc.

    Cake from Ma Ma Na NY Bakery Inc. (70 B Canal, 212-274-8188) Flour power indeed! This $1 treat has the vibe of angel food, but without as much sugar. Spongy, moist, and just a little bit buttery, a perfect pairing for this dessert might be sweetened, black tea.

  • Year of the Takeout Day 163: Quickly

    Green Tea With Pudding from Quickly Quickly is analogous to the Starbucks of bubble teas — they are scattered throughout the City and can be found in other boroughs and have a strong presence in Chinatown. Not huge fans of boba, we decided to go for the green tea with pudding. The tea, while strong, […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 162: Bread & Honey

    Steam Table Stuff from Bread & Honey (941 Eighth Avenue, 212-245-0007) There’s no reason these steam table selections should be this bad, especially when Clinton Street can hold its shit together until 8 p.m., but they were. To be fair, the dumplings and chicken and noodles didn’t taste terrible, but the texture of all the […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 157: Kingdom Food (A Tale of Two Soups and Piety!)

    House Special Seafood Tomato Soup and House Special Yat Gaw Mein from Kingdom Food (170 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-599-2489) Confession: we got a little confused tonight. We ordered delivery from what seemed to be a new place, realizing it was a restaurant we had previously tried and that has seemingly changed names four times in […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 156: Mei Zhong Wei

    Chicken Wings With Garlic Sauce from Mei Zhong Wei (57 Pitt Street, 212-529-5029) Mei Zong Wei doesn’t exactly reinvent the culinary wheel — the restaurant takes common fried chicken wings and slathers on equally common garlic sauce, then charges $4 for the alleged specialty. That said, the chicken wings with garlic sauce come out quite […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 155: Kosher Delight

    Egg Roll from Kosher Delight (1359 Broadway, 212-563-3366) One of the coolest things about Cantonese-American cuisine how it unifies us: Different cultures in the U.S. adapt it to fit their dietary or religious guidelines, but what’s clear is a common love for Chinese fast food. Before this series began, for example, we once came across […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 154: Best Bakery

    Melon Cookie and Walnut So from Best Bakery (5812 Eighth Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, 718-439-5138) Not quite sure whether this is melon or a mistranslation, but the filling has the texture of mashed coconut and a pleasant, sweet woodiness. We’re def more into the walnut so, though — it’s like a giant tea cookie, but […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 153: Empire BBQ Restaurant Inc. (Translation Help, PLEASE!)

    Soy Sauce Chicken(?) from Empire BBQ Restaurant, Inc. (5805 8th Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, 718-435-9692) Year of the Takeout picked this place mainly because the window signage features a sea creature motif, which reminded us of The Little Mermaid — and who isn’t moved by Hans Christian Andersen? YotT was then presented with two menus. […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 151: Fu Zhou Restaurant

    Duck Kidney from Fu Zhou Restaurant (84 Eldridge Street, 212-343-3905) Fu Zhou is a restaurant that has two different menus: One of them is for tourists, with boring plates such as chicken and broccoli. The other one, with delicacies such as snail, is apparently for Chinese people. The staff will not want to give you […]

  • Year of the Takeout Day 150: Buddha Bodai

    Five Color Appetizer from Buddha Bodai, (5 Mott Street, 212-566-8388) We had a bit of a dilemma this evening. We had to feed a vegan, but we had to sup in a way that would sate a meat-eater, who would also be present. So we settled upon Buddha Bodai, having had a great experience with […]

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