Tag: Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

  • Two-Family House With Backyard

    Location Williamsburg, Brooklyn (east) Price $196,000 Square feet 1620 Occupants Suzanne Price (accordionist; trademark research, Scholastic Inc.); Tom Price (singer/guitar player, Ff [Fat Fuck]; fire sprinkler mechanic) Your new house has lovely fig trees in back. Is this where your band Fat Fuck rehearses? [Tom] We got a rehearsal studio on Union Avenue. Here you […]

  • Tricky Bohos

    “Now, I know a lot of folks are feeling depressed this time of year,” taunts a clown called Mr. Pennygaff (Keith Nelson). “But I find that if you drill a hole in your head, you can remove all those cloudy thoughts.” He then twists a five-inch screw up his nostril with a hand drill, as […]

  • Scaring up some bargains

    Perhaps the quaint little village of Amityville seems especially sweet this time of year as a counterpoint to the horror story for which it’s best known. Think of The Music Man, and you’ll summon in your mind’s eye the white gazebo that serves as the community’s focal point. The gold-leaf lettering “McLellan’s” on a familiar […]

  • Dread, Beat, and Brooklyn

    ‘We’re like the blueprint of what every cheesy dance producer wants: a rap guy, a woman singing, a guy playing a guitar, and a DJ,’ says Ish, a central figure in the Brooklyn collective known as Trumystic Sound System, who perform at the Knitting Factory Friday, September 24. ‘But you can see when it’s a […]

  • Bitter Battle at Domino Sugar

    Williamsburg’s Gen-X hipsters may believe they live in the new Greenwich Village, but along this Brooklyn neighborhood’s still-gritty waterfront the latest turf battle is not between yuppie and artist. Instead, the latest dispute pits two groups with their own history of enmity: the men and women who work at the Domino Sugar refinery and Tate […]

  • One-bedroom apartment with terrace in 1960s Mitchell-Lama regulated high-rise

    Location Brighton Beach Rent $236.80 (government subsidized) Square feet 450 Occupant Etta Sherez (retired; former hatmaker; supervising clerk, Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity) You’re going away from here soon, from your apartment on the boardwalk where the Russian couples walk arm in arm and the air comes in from the sea. I notice […]

  • Street Corner Society

    “A borderline between two communities that ignore each other, Grand Street divides a Polish-Italian neighborhood from a predominantly Puerto Rican and Dominican neighborhood in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. One day, I crossed that urban frontier to discover a population of adolescents and children . . . ” writes photographer Regina Monfort, of her project […]

  • You Booze, You Lose

    Rudy’s latest campaign took to the streets last week when cops began enforcing the country’s toughest anti-DWI measure: drive drunk, lose your car. Taxi, anyone? Ricc Shaeridan Age: 29 Resides: Chelsea Occupation: Musician What do you think of Giuliani’s new measure? It’s not a good thing. Suppose a kid has the car and it’s his […]