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  • Too Fat? Too Thin? America the Beautiful 2 Weighs In

    A follow-up to director Darryl Roberts’s 2008 inquiry into this country’s ad-bolstered beauty standards, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments is a choppy, unfocused, intermittently compelling report on the tortured, fluctuating state of the national backside. Of Roberts’s many self-evident queries—Do diets work? Is health care corrupt? Does eating only raw food sap your […]

  • Lynn Yaeger Spends the Weekend in Paris

    Who’d be crazy enough to plan a weekend in France when airfares are through the roof and a croque-monsieur in a sleazy dump costs $50? OK, me. But I have a good reason: When I find out that in honor of Mai ’68—those historic student riots and general strikes that almost brought down the French […]

  • A Fashion Week for Plus Sized Women

    “OK, so they had regular Fashion Week a few weeks ago, right? So I decided this week is Fashion Week for plus sizes!” the owner of Lee Lee’s Valise tells me. “We have two designers here tonight—it’s actually a trunk show. We’re showing spring! Think about it: When do you get to see spring in […]