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  • The House on 11th St.: Digging Up the Debris

    1970 Village Voice article by Ron Rosenbaum about the Weathermen blowing up a townhouse on 11th Street

    A Bomb Factory? The “live bomb” which, according to Monday night radio reports, was discovered in the ruins of 18 West 11th Street turned out to be a six-inch vintage 1916 shell, probably a souvenir, probably dead. But the two dead bodies pulled from the tons of brick, plaster, and charred furnishings in the basement […]

  • The Company You Keep: Wheezy Rider

    It’s time, apparently, for the aging ghosts of ’60s radicalism to once again take stock of their sins and compromises. In The Big Chill and Running on Empty, during the Reagan ’80s, the then–middle-aged revolutionaries’ to-do list involved holding down careers and worrying about their kids; now the noble fist-wavers are looking at Social Security […]

  • Notes From Underground

    “I think the Vietnam War made us all a little crazy,” one now middle-aged radical muses toward the end of The Weather Underground. That modest observation will surely, mutatis mutandis, be made of 9-11, but Sam Green and Bill Siegel’s often gripping documentary manages to evoke the particular quality and extent of the madness that […]

  • Left Out in the Cold

    Sam Green and Bill Siegel’s nuanced documentary The Weather Underground (at Film Forum; see review) surrounds its subject with the archival film-clipped social context of its era: demonstrations, assassinations, COINTELPRO undercover government subversion, the never ending war in Vietnam. In the film, the Weathers stand in for the larger story of ’60s politics, but they’re […]