Tag: Washington Heights

  • A Restaurant With Balls

    Mofongo is the bedrock of Puerto Rican cuisine. Flaunting its African roots, this woody mash of fried green plantains is sweetened with pork tidbits and moistened with lardy gravy. It has been the centerpiece of menus at Latin lunch counters since the 1960s, including the East Village’s now-defunct El Nacional, where you watched, tongue hanging […]

  • Flaming mojitos and hot ladies await in Washington Heights

    Perfect for inappropriate come-ons, the unisex bathroom at Viva is clearly the best part of the bar. “You go in there and it’s like, woooo!” says manager Arturo Lopez. Each stall is made of a double layer of Plexiglas, revealing—just vaguely enough—the contours of crouching bodies. Strings of metal beads separate the bathroom from the […]

  • Kiddie-Contest Doc Dances Around Class, Gender Issues

    Like Spellbound‘s glimpse of the darker side of childhood competition, Mad Hot Ballroom—a look at New York City schools’ fifth-grade ballroom dance program—is best when exploring issues of class and gender and definitions of success. Director Marilyn Agrelo picks three fascinating schools—in Tribeca, Bensonhurst, and Washington Heights—and documents the 10 weeks from introduction to all-city […]

  • The Mimosas

    LOCATION Washington Heights PRICE $80,000 in 1999 [$461 maintenance] SQUARE FEET 790 [one-bedroom co-op in post-war building] OCCUPANTS Radda Rusinova [Ph.D. student, biophysics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine]; Victor Prieto [jazz accordionist-composer] How joyous to hear the sound of the crickets or some animal as you come out of the 190th Street subway and look […]

  • Close-Up on Hudson Heights

    Hudson Heights, the name for the northern and eastern part of Washington Heights, came about in the early ’90s, when realtors and residents wanted a new name for this haven in the then-notorious neighborhood. The division between the two “heights” is still apparent: If you use the south exit of the 181st Street subway station […]

  • Wounded Knee

    Location Garment District Rent $1,703.75 (commercial) Square feet 1,250 (loft in factory building) Occupants Gloria La Morte (screenwriter, actress, producer); Joseph La Morte (producer) Look at this photograph of the original bathroom! How horrible! [Joseph] You’ve got to see the toilet now. [Gloria] Yeah. [Joseph] This apartment originally was a production office for Washington Heights, […]

  • Upcoming

    DANCENOW/NYC September 4 through 13, dancenownyc.org, 718.850.2488 Perfectly timed—in the first weeks after Labor Day, when we’re rested and starved for creative companionship—and perfectly located in Joe’s Pub (the first three shows, Thursday at 9:30 and Friday at 7:30 and 9:30) and parks and swimming pools, as well as two relatively conventional sites in Soho, […]

  • Not Quite Utopia

    A glance at the glittering profusion of Korean restaurants arrayed along Northern Boulevard induces despair. Which one to choose? There are dozens between Union Street and Utopia Parkway, all similarly convivial and festooned with strings of tiny white lights and neon Korean characters. I’ve tried several, and they fall roughly into four categories: the sprawling […]

  • Railroad Apartment in Tenement

    Location Hell’s Kitchen Rent $764 (rent stabilized) Square feet 800 Occupant Hugo Martinez (owner, Martinez Gallery) This “twig tea” is the closest thing to cocaine? Well! So, you are New York’s graffiti art entrepreneur, galleries for 30 years—Washington Heights, Chelsea, and now Greenpoint, in part of the former Eberhard Faber pencil factory. You had it […]

  • Close Up On: Inwood

    Portions of this article have been updated. What Manhattan neighborhood offers six miles of hiking trails through primeval forest of oak, tulip, maple, and hickory? Inwood does, as well as the area’s only remaining salt marsh. In less than 20 minutes, the A train will whisk you from midtown to this hilly green swath set […]