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  • Don’t Stiff That Freelancer! Council to Pass First-Ever ‘Gig Economy’ Wage Theft Bill

    New York City is about to approve first-of-its-kind legislation protecting freelancers and “gig economy” workers against wage theft. Nearly three-quarters of independent contractors have struggled to collect payment during their career, according to the Freelancers Union. “There are inherent risks in freelancing, but getting paid should not be one of them,” said graphic designer Melissa […]

  • Most Ethical NYC Restaurants? There’s an App For That

    A few of the city’s finer establishments are now getting noticed not only for their outstanding food but for the benefits they offer staff members. The Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC), an organization that strives to improve working conditions for food service employees, has released an app that lets users search for “high road restaurants” […]

  • Workers Swarm 42nd Street and Picket Across the City For Liveable Wages and Better Treatment

    Hard-hats and picket-signs flooded 42nd Street yesterday evening as thousands of workers and social activists from around the city gathered in solidarity to fight for better working conditions. The demonstration came on the heels of last week’s Fast-Food Forward protest — where employees at different fast-food establishments across the city walked off of the job […]

  • Local Kosher-Food Manufacturer to Pay $577,000 in Back Wages

    Flaum, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of Kosher foods, will pay 20 former employees a settlement of $577,000 to resolve a federal lawsuit. The case began in 2008 when 17 workers at Flaum were fired after protesting unpaid wages for their 80-hour work weeks. Many of the workers are Mexican immigrants who also reported racial discrimination from […]