Tag: Voltaire

  • Noho’s Le Philosophe Flourishes in Ambiguity

    Nothing feels quite as good as stumbling on a sleeper, a restaurant that opens without much fanfare, fails to publicize itself adequately, and is content to persevere in obscurity until that inevitable day when the public discovers it’s a wonderful place. That’s the case with Noho’s Le Philosophe, a three-month-old French bistro hidden in plain […]

  • Tunnel Vision: Mosley’s Hypnotic Middle Eastern Fiction

    Nobody reads British writer Nicholas Mosley—author of 23 books of fiction and nonfiction—and this is utterly mystifying. Yes, his dialogue can sound like a philosophy debate; his novels can sport intimidating titles like his latest, Inventing God, or his best known, Hopeful Monsters; and his references range from Voltaire to Catastrophe Theory. But the erudite […]

  • Vive L’Amour

    The copious epigraphs in Tadpole come courtesy of Voltaire, beginning with “Love shows signs that cannot be mistaken.” Fitting, then, that the movie’s Enlightened young hero is so attuned to the rigors of inductive reasoning, even in an arena as definitively irrational as l’amour. Like all aspiring philosophes, high-schooler Oscar (Aaron Stanford) is an empiricist: […]

  • Fire Down Below

    Voltaire once observed, “Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.” And so what? Pop music is supposed to promote heavy breathing, not heavy thinking. But if a musician aims be the world’s moral compass—as does reggae’s Capleton—he leaves himself open to Voltaire’s judgment. Marley and his ilk made it OK to worship […]

  • Occupational Hazards

    You walk into a movie nobody’s ever heard of, from a country that never seems to appear on an airline map, and hey — it’s something good! Now celebrating its 30th year, “New Directors/New Films,” the annual Museum of Modern Art-Film Society of Lincoln Center co-pro, is dedicated to one of the most welcome sensations […]