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    Kiss Each Other Clean initially sounds like a terrifically off-putting action, albeit the kind Vince Neil could really get into. Yet the album (out this week) comes from the beatific/bearded mug of Sam Beam (a/k/a Iron & Wine), so we are jaded and disgusting, clearly, with our minds in the gutter. This is because the […]

  • Drinking With Dr. Feelgood

    Clearly not content with some wank Surreal Life spot or fronting a reunited Crüe, our boy Vince Neil has embarked on an even more ambitious enterprise: his own wine label with spirits entrepreneur Russ Dale, entitled Vince Vineyards. That’s right kids, his sweet juice is now for sale—and the blond, bloated one has already scored […]

  • Two Hours to Love

    Most coverage of Mötley Crüe’s MSG freak show honed in on the spectacle, condescending for a moment of cheese while indulging itself in the fantasy that messed-up gender BS only happens on revival stages, amid pyrotechnics. Gee, Mötley Crüe sure are decadent. Did you watch their Behind the Music? Nikki was pronounced dead! Me, I […]

  • The Half-Life of Celebrity

    One of the great hazards of supermarket shopping has always been the tabloids lining the checkout lane, assailing us with tawdry tales of celebrity misfortune. Infidelity, infertility, addiction—all are grist for our sadistic lust to see stars brought down to the same lowly level as us. As French intellectual Edgar Morin wrote in The Stars, […]

  • Slow Burn

    For never-say-die hair farmers stoically tossing nu-metal rarefaction the finger, the un-adulterated hessian stylings of kindred spirits like Mastodon, Lamb of God, and Shadows Fall offer a shit-eating reason to hold on to blanched Eddie jackets and Jack Daniels scowls despite Vince Neil’s recent VH1-sponsored dorkification. Two Wednesdays ago at Irving Plaza, High on Fire, […]