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  • Ask A Mexican! Bad Boys

    Dear Mexican: Why are Mexicans so proud of the brutality of their police force? They seem to glamorize it in all their music and telenovelas. -Batons Are Bats, Or Super Oracles Dear BABOSO: I’ll let you know when Dirty Harry, Detective Sipowicz, Chief Wiggum, and the producers of Cops get back to me, m’kay? Why […]

  • Why Do Mexicans Swim in Their Clothes?

    Dear Readers: The Mexican has previously published only one “best of” column in his nearly four years of living under his cousin’s identity in this country, but I must pull this week’s first pregunta out of the archives because ustedes keep asking it. (Obviously, not enough of you bought my paperback, since it’s on page […]

  • The Game Of Risk

    Readers still puzzling over what makes Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tick will gain new insight into the “energizer bunny” from Thomas P.M. Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the 21st Century, a book to be released this spring by Putnam. A defense analyst at the Pentagon, Barnett has laid out an elaborate […]

  • World Leaders on Dope

    The American drug war may yet grind on, but one by one, the troops are hiking out. Right-wingers like Jesse Ventura, Gary Johnson, Dan Quayle, William F. Buckley, and George Schultz have all voiced support for either ending the costly campaign of interdiction and imprisonment, or at least decriminalizing pot. Through the years, in statements […]

  • Part 3: Road Kill

    Querétero, Querétero — Governor Ignácio Loyola vowed to hang Subcommandante Marcos. As the caravan snaked along the deserted highway, surrounded by fields of nopal cactus and blue-green hills, a small band of supporters waved signs and shouted, “Querétero is with you.” Then caravan bus No. 38 lost control of its brakes, sped out of control […]

  • Part 6: Rebels Enter Capital

    Mexico City — The Zapatistas did not, as some rumors had it, arrive in Mexico City on horseback. They did not, as some had insisted, march in on foot. Instead, they entered the Zócalo, the city’s main square, on the roof of the same green-and-white tour bus that carried them more than 1500 miles from […]

  • Part 1: Mexico City or Bust

    San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico — Last Sunday, after years in their Chiapas stronghold, the Zapatistas hit the road. With 20,000 indigenous people gathered in San Cristóbal de Las Casas to send them off, Subcomandate Marcos and 24 other ski-masked Zapatista leaders boarded a bus and began the ZapaTour — a two-week journey […]

  • Part 2: Public Relations War

    Oaxaca, Oaxaca — While the Zapatistas are using the caravan to Mexico City as their pulpit, President Vicente Fox has been making daily statements to the press and on his radio show. So far, according to many analysts, Subcomandante Marcos is winning the public relations war. The Mexican president, who is reminded constantly of his […]