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  • Mind Over Matter

    Certain great writers—Hemingway, obviously, Whitney Balliett and Lester Bangs in my own backyard—were meant to be admired, not emulated; they’re lousy influences because their idiosyncrasies resist imitation while inviting it. Something similar is true in jazz, where the stumbling block will more likely be insufficient technique than borrowed tics. Sarah Vaughan’s swoops and operatic colorations, […]

  • Scoring With Slide Hampton’s Color, Swing, and Simple Riffs

    Slide Hampton, the veteran trombonist who guested with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra at the IAJE last month and wrote all the music on their The Way, is a J.J. Johnson man, although he uses more multiphonics than Johnson did. As a composer and orchestrator, he’s far more conventional than Bob Brookmeyer—rather than voicing across sections, […]