Tag: Valencia

  • ‘Rice & Beans’ w/ Denite

    So far, Valencia’s biggest contribution to international dance music has been its ferry to Ibiza, but Denite is working to change that with his Redlight Music label and sharp, percussive tech-house productions. He’s already scored remixes for 2020 Soundsystem and on Trapez; and Resopal Red and Third Ear have released his recent tracks. With Jeffrey […]

  • Yilana’s Fringe Sensation 666 at Minetta Lane

    On the surface, the Spanish group Yllana’s 2009 Fringe sensation 666 (now transplanted to the Minetta Lane Theater) seems like another nonverbal spectacle for tourists, along the lines of Stomp or Fuerzabruta. But something’s amiss—the clowns in this show play orange-clad prisoners who twitch and stutter their way through a variety of orgiastic, puerile, and […]

  • Del Conte and Visiting Spaniard Heat Up Sunnyside Boîte

    What’s sexy about the spectacle of bullfighting is the tension among the matador, the bull, and the audience—gore and animal cruelty notwithstanding. What’s sexy about the tension of Andrea Del Conte’s rapturous 10-person Flamenco Fiesta at the modest Thalia in Sunnyside is that here the theater’s the bullring, the dancers are the matadors, and we’re […]