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  • The Hacker Wars Is an Angry Doc About Angry Young Men

    The Hacker Wars is an angry documentary about angry young men. Brilliant and schlubby, the hackers profiled by director Vivien Lesnik Weisman see themselves as valiant and subversive defenders of digital security and privacy in an age of surveillance, and they just might be. Though their methods are often crude and aggressive, full of bigoted […]

  • Dirty Wars Is Essential Viewing About How We Wage Wars

    It’s not news that the American “war on terror” has helped create growing anti-American sentiment (in Iraq and Afghanistan, for starters) rooted not in people’s envy of our culture or hatred of our values but in the senseless bloodshed suffered by their families and countrymen. A sobering illustration of how the U.S. creates such enemies […]

  • Evil Vets of Black Rock Fall to the Same Old Escalating Skirmishes and Brutal Climax

    Seemingly crafted to validate the fears of those conservatives who rage that the white man can’t get respect on the big screen these days, Katie Aselton’s smart-till-it-isn’t thriller Black Rock centers on a tense scene of hero-pantsing and gender inversion. The piece-of-shit bad guys, a couple of vets of our desert wars, have tied up […]

  • War Doc The Second Meeting Is Better at the Past Than the Present

    It’s a solid idea for a film, anyway: In 1999, an American stealth bomber was shot down over Serbia by Yugoslav missile officer Zoltan Dani. Its pilot, Dale Zelko, parachuted safely away and was soon evacuated by the U.S. military. Twelve years later, the men decide to meet during peacetime. Moments in The Second Meeting […]

  • Six Million and One

    The past is at once ever-present and ignored according to Six Million and One, Israeli documentarian David Fisher’s film about his trip to Austria to the Nazi concentration camp where his father, Joseph, suffered. For David, this journey—driven by his dad’s memoir, discovered after his death—is one of healing, but for the three siblings whom […]

  • The Tillman Story Sets the Record Straight

    Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety who enlisted in the Army Rangers eight months after September 11, read Emerson, Chomsky, and, though an atheist, the Bible. Resembling a beefier Seann William Scott, he shunned cell phones, cars, and professional-athlete megalomania. A fiercely private (and principled) person, his death in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004, during […]

  • The Big Lift

    Dir. George Seaton (1950). Made in all four sectors of occupied Berlin, Fox’s sequel to The Iron Curtain was the Cold War’s most “official” production with all US military personnel—save for stars Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas—played by actual US military personnel. Focusing on the parallel romances between two GIs, and a pair of local […]

  • Fight Club

    On a sunny Saturday in May 2005, Allison Smith and a ragtag crew of revolutionaries stormed Governors Island—a disused U.S. military base just south of Manhattan—and dug in for the night. This was no ordinary protest; rather, the dissidents made their bivouacs in an attempt to answer self-appointed “Muster Officer” Smith’s question: “What are you […]

  • Three Years Later

    This Sunday marks the third anniversary of the U.S. military’s invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. A total of 2,313 American soldiers have died and credible reports point to at least 30,000 Iraqi civilian deaths. The war has been a divisive issue since day one—more than three years after millions marched on cities around the […]

  • Perverted Norwegian sailors penetrate the shitty of Satan

    Turbonegro and Serbians—tough hombres made for each other. That’s the quizzical secret message at the finale of Party Animals. An angry gobble, it makes the case the band is underrated by weakling philistines. Getting a fellow from L.A. glam-punk band Redd Kross to produce the thud right out of its sound won’t change anyone’s impression, […]