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    If your high school was anything like our high school, the formal winter dance was a far less stressful affair than homecoming or prom. For starters, there were no silly kings or queens elected. No one rented limos. In fact, even having a date didn’t seem all that important. Now the winter formal dance The […]


    Looking to return to simpler times? Leave the iPod at home for an afternoon, and tune into (le) poisson rouge’s old-timey Radio Happy Hour, a live variety show, created by Sam Osterhout, featuring the behind-the-scenes making of a radio program complete with sound effects, trivia games, and live performances by special guests. Today, Tunde Adebimpe […]

  • Cookie Monsters of ‘Rock’

    The amount of time that elapses between David Sitek jabbing out a finished cigarette and lighting a new one is pretty small and only shrinks as he gets more agitated or enthused, or both, as the case may be. “We’re not super-intellectuals,” he protests, deep in analysis of his band’s anti-methodology. “It’s not like TV […]

  • Progentelechy

    Tunde Adebimpe opened his half of this intriguing BAM double bill with a whistle. The TV on the Radio frontman let the noise linger, indulgently easing into “Young Liars,” no grind before its time. It’s a song about fear, and Adebimpe’s voice is perfectly suited to it—first as a yelp, and later as an analgesic. […]

  • Failing From Grace

    My mother, a recovering English professor, once told me she far preferred students who fell flat on their faces trying to articulate a lofty idea to those who kept feet planted firmly on dull old terra firma in pursuit of an unadventurous one—the moral being that it’s better to overreach and fail than play it […]

  • Everyone Says I Love You

    A slightly screwy romantic comedy, Jump Tomorrow becomes increasingly charming as it goes along, especially after first-time director Joel Hopkins stops trying to imitate the visual stylistics of Jacques Tati and simply focuses on his confused characters and the roadblocks they set in the way of their happiness. George (Tunde Adebimpe), a buttoned-up, Nigerian-born, American-raised […]