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  • Hot Tubs Get the Spa Treatment at Art in General — Plus: A Bauhaus Bonus!

    If you’ve always wanted to see a painted Jacuzzi, you’re in for a treat. You say you haven’t always wanted to see a painted Jacuzzi? You say you don’t know what a painted Jacuzzi looks like? Well, it’s a curious sight indeed: the translucent shell of somebody’s backyard hot tub, turned sideways and decorated in […]

  • Winning Teddy Bears at the Ringtoss, and Capturing the Friedbergers

    As masterpieces go, the Fiery Furnaces’ Blueberry Boat was the swollen periwinkle stuffed panda your boyfriend wins at the state fair. First you’re all “how sweet, he’s trying so hard,” but uncountable hours and dollars and softballs whizzing lamely past milk bottles later, you suspect this spastic effort is less tribute to your undeniable awesomeness […]

  • Theater

        ‘AMERICAN LIVING ROOM FESTIVAL’ HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Avenue, 647-0202, www.here.org July 13-September 1: Though I don’t remember saying it, I’m credited with having once described HERE’s “American Living Room” summer festival as “the best and worst in New York theater.” Or something clever like that. In any case, it’s couches, beer, […]