Tag: Tony Williams

  • People of the North

    Bobby Matador and drummer Kid Million’s Oneida side project is devoted to the harsher, more abrasive, less melodic, and more challenging aspects of ritual psychedelia than their primary gig. Sort of a Tony Williams Lifetime on datura, People of the North explores the dark side of Krautrock and other nether regions in untethered, disorienting fashion […]

  • Addison Groove

    As Addison Groove, Tony Williams (formerly Headhunter) revels in analog frequencies—his 808 makes space breaks (ugh, sorry). Last spring’s Transistor Rhythm nodded at his dubstep past and present juke/footwork collabos, but decided to linger in retro-futurism. Cameo Gallery is the perfect artificial smoke-filled dream stage for his tech-centered concoctions of UK bass jacked with juke’s […]


    Before there was Bitches Brew, there was Emergency! No group played a more aggressively intimidating electric jazz for its time than drums colossus Tony Williams’s Lifetime, whose 1969 debut reinvented the organ trio as high-volume, high-risk response to rockers like Hendrix and the Who. Cream bassist Jack Bruce, who joined the Lifetime for its explosive […]

  • David Weiss  

    The trumpeter comes out with both fists swinging on the new “Snuck In,” a disc that explains his skills at reconfiguring neglected deep cuts from the jazz canon. His Tony Williams lands jab after jab, and his Andrew Hill heals most of the gashes. The lyricism of saxophonist J.D. Allen has a lot to do […]

  • Jessica Williams’s Songs for a New Century

    You grow up in Baltimore, study classical piano at the Peabody Institute, and wind up gigging with Philly Joe Jones in his namesake town while you’re still in your twenties. In ’77, you split for the West Coast, hold down the house seat at San Francisco’s Keystone Korner, back Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon, Tony Williams, […]

  • Rookies of the Year

    Bill James is father to that new breed of baseball wonks for whom a walk is as exciting as a home run (we have him to blame for Steve Garvey and Jim Rice not being in the Hall of Fame). Regardless, he might be the smartest, most engaging baseball writer ever. Back in the ’80s, […]

  • Heir to a Secret History

    Blue Note Records is turning out to be, of all things, the Blue Note Records of our time—in a way I never anticipated. Hard bop is not on the agenda. And the label has not yet found a guaranteed jukebox favorite like Jimmy Smith, Horace Silver, and, briefly-but-big-time, Lee Morgan, though it has come close […]

  • Musician’s Musician

    Between 1985 and 1995, pianist Mulgrew Miller recorded prolifically as a leader: seven albums on Landmark and two on Novus. In that period, a Miller book emerged of substantive and challenging compositions that contrast sharply with the half-realized tunes written “for the date” by many young musicians, some of them signed to major labels before […]