Tag: Tom Miller

  • One Bad Cat: The Reverend Albert Wagner Story

    A bowling ball’s black kitty face busting out of a white bag: Does this beguilingly simple sculpture evoke transcendence—a message that the least among us can define his own destiny—or unconsciously expose a psyche-deep racial inferiority complex? In profiling the late African-American outsider artist Reverend Albert Wagner, who picked up a brush at age 50 […]

  • Attack of the Mutant Bollworms

    Starting this summer, thousands of genetically modified insects could be released in Arizona. Assuming that scientists get the green light from the government, this field test will mark the first time a GM bug has been let loose in the U.S. The critter in question is a tinkered-with version of the pink bollworm, a moth […]

  • Contradiction in the ‘Times’

    Question: When is a newspaper correction not a correction? Answer: When the underlying premise of the story’s lead has to be restated. Case in point: In his A-1 story in ‘The New York Times’ November 10, reporter Joel Brinkley gave the impression that a group of state attorneys general believe they will have to break […]