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  • The Loneliest Planet Sets a Course for Who Couples Truly Are

    The Loneliest Planet begins with close-up trained on the body of a beautiful woman, naked and trembling. It’s not what it sounds like. Nica (Hani Furstenberg), on a pre-marriage honeymoon with fiancé Alex (Gael García Bernal) in rural Georgia, is in the midst of a makeshift shower. As Nica pogoes up and down on an […]

  • Bloc Heads

    Ghosts of empire—past, present, and future— haunt God Lives in St. Petersburg, Tom Bissell’s debut story collection. His journalists, war vets, aid workers, and gangsters are sand caught in the grinding gears of the Great Powers’ machinations. “Death Defier” (about a photojournalist who, like Thomas Pynchon’s slovenly lothario Tyrone Slothrop, avoids death as it rains […]