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  • Psychic TV

    Throbbing Gristle. Coil. The Cult. Soft Cell. In ‘80s industrial England, these were the pinnacle of goth experimentation, the bands you’d be lucky to know about. At the center was Genesis P-Orridge, god/dess of the art collective Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth and founding member of Psychic TV. As it goes, the band has had […]

  • Antwon+Cities Aviv+Weekend Money

    Cities Aviv’s 2011 debut Digital Lows name-checked Mr. Bungle and had arty edges, but mostly delivered thoughtful trad raps—like a slightly outré iteration of arch ‘90s nostaljack Joey Bada$$. More recent material digs deeper, mining the groove where Throbbing Gristle abuts jazz-funk great George Benson. On 2012’s Black Pleasure, Quiet Storm samples get mangled in […]

  • The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

    Directed by Marie Losier, The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye chronicles Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle founder Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s recent career and second marriage, both defined by P-Orridge’s surgically aided transformation from a man who occasionally liked to dress as a girl into a “pandrogynous being” who shared physical characteristics (including blond bob, […]

  • Throbbing Gristle

    From a provocative six-year run starting in 1976, the abrasive ground-zero gurgle-and-gargle of Throbbing Gristle has become a touchstone in the worlds of industrial music, noise, punk, post-punk, and performance art. So there’s no telling exactly who will be the most geeked for this sold-out show—their first performance on American soil since 1981, and their […]


    Drew Daniel is a true Renaissance nerd—he’s one-half of Björk-endorsed sound sculptures Matmos; he’s got a respectable house music project under the name Soft Pink Truth; and he’s got a fairly busy side-hustle as a fully legit rock writer. Tonight, he covers all his bases, starting with a reading from his recent 33 1/3 book […]

  • Death Disco Redux: Crash! Bang! Smack! Grind! Gnaw! Puke!

    SYNOPSIS In which Uncle LD plays more chaotic trash for your delectation in an extended mix of honoring Queer Pride in all its glory or whatever. Actually, Uncle LD wants you to know that while you’re keenly listening to this, he’s away down south in Dixie eating fried chicken, BBQ, cracklin’ cornbread and such, even […]

  • Noisepop One: ‘Dizzy with Your Disease’

    SYNOPSIS: In which noisy, poppy loudness is played for your delectation and education. Some of the usual suspects are present, other selections are by acts not generally thought of as “noise,” but who’ve risen with grace and style to the occasion when necessary. As usual, your Uncle LD’s interest in things so-called industrial is to […]

  • Music

    Disco lives; ditto other music you can dance to from across the globe. Maybe even “electroclash,” though Wolf Eyes might get testy if you call them that. Either way, most records below would sound especially cool if spun by DJ Eugene Hutz at the Bulgarian bar on the corner of Canal and Broadway. BREAK BREAD […]

  • A Brooklyn Radiator’s Negative Dialectic of Computer Play

    The modern computer composer refuses to die! And the Best Buy super machine on the desktop now enables every citizen to duplicate the artistry of Surgical Penis Klinik. No longer trapped and confined by messy, analog tape manipulation, all one need do is press software buttons for transforms that make any music sound like broken […]

  • A Bum Trip Reborn

    Thesis: Industrial music, in its original late-’70s incarnation, was the second flowering of an authentic psychedelia. (“Authentic” meaning non-revivalist, untainted by nostalgia). There was the same impulse to blow minds through multimedia sensory overload (the inevitable back-projected, cut-up movies behind every industrial performance—attempts at “total art” only too redolent of 1960s happenings and acid-tests). And […]