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  • Council Priorities

    Not that anyone expected new City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to throw perks or plums to those who opposed her, but the list of committee appointments she unveiled last week contained some mind-boggling names and omissions. This was Quinn’s maiden voyage as the new leader of the 51-member council, and her picks represented both an […]

  • Self-Made Scoop

    In late August 2002 Salon reported a major scoop: An e-mail linked then Army secretary Thomas White, a former executive at Enron, to an effort to cover the massive losses at the energy giant. White’s supposed message instructed a subordinate: “Close a bigger deal. Hide the loss before the 1Q [first-quarter report].” By early October, […]

  • The Incredible Shrinking Résumé of Thomas White

    Thomas White used to be proud of his résumé. When he was appointed secretary of the army last May, his online bio boasted about his 11 years as a senior exec at Enron. Then that nest of thieves collapsed, and suddenly it wasn’t so cool to have been a big shot there. It was time […]