Tag: There’s Something About Mary

  • Jonathan Richman

    When quirkier-than-quirky singer/songwriter Jonathan Richman last played New York, he attempted to turn up the Bowery Ballroom’s acoustics by turning off its air conditioning. . . in the middle of June. That made for the smelliest possible setting for the Modern Lover-cum-There’s Something About Mary troubadour’s odes to modern artists and everyday mundanity. By that […]

  • Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s The Heartbreak Kid

    More of a re-mix than a re-make of the Elaine May-directed 1972 original, Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s The Heartbreak Kid seeks to rekindle There’s Something About Mary‘s critical and box-office magic by casting Ben Stiller as a newlywed sporting goods salesman and newcomer Malin Akerman (a blonde Diaz ringer with long, loping legs and a […]

  • The Underground

    The only discernible reason to sit through The Underground Comedy Movie is to admire writer-director-star Vince Offer’s marketing hustle. By filing a copyright-infringement lawsuit against the makers of There’s Something About Mary, Offer was able to drum up enough publicity to get his lunkheaded, amateurish movie released. Based on some public-access TV shows he shot […]