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  • Teenage Fanclub

    Along with quirky popcentrics The Vaselines, melody masters Teenage Fanclub sit atop the perch as both Scottish royalty and Kurt Cobain faves. Twenty five years after TF’s indie rock life-changer, the grungy A Catholic Education, and its ultimate reinvention as rightful heir to the Big Star and The Byrds throne as purveyors of triple-teamed sublime, […]


    Nothing on the Vaselines’ 2010 reunion 
album, Sex With an X, quite merits inclusion in a songbook perfectly presented two decades ago by Sub Pop’s The Way of the Vaselines. (One possible exception? “Overweight but Over You.”) Yet Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee—who formed this Scottish indie-pop outfit in 1986 and promptly broke up four […]

  • The Vaselines

    Glasgow’s greatest pop export (fuck you, Franz Ferdinand!), the Vaselines have reunited after 22 years and haven’t lost an iota of their unpolished luster, cheeky attitudes, or devilishly naïve-sounding voices. Basically, don’t think they’ve been woodshedding and getting all Jefferson Starshit since the days when Nirvana was covering their songs three at a time. Every […]


    This Sub Pop Records 20th Anniversary Music Festival is sure waking the dead: proto-grunge guys Green River, onetime Nirvana collaborators the Fluid, and now the Vaselines, whose discography was originally released by the label in the wake of the band’s 1990 breakup. Kurt Cobain’s loud worship of this Scottish band was always misleading: The Vaselines […]