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  • My Own Private Y2K

    The countdown continues: Less than six months to go before the computer industry’s two- digit oversight sends everyone into their basements with their shotguns, canned beans, and festering millennial fears. Not me, though. I’ve made my digital daily affirmation by clicking from site to site, reading cushiony Y2K-readiness disclosures. My electric company has tested 85 […]

  • Doomed to Clichés

    The responses to Littleton relied on dated net exoticizing. The media ‘we’ customized their own Doom-style killing rooms, again and again conjuring a world of two-dimensional other-ized teenage monsters. “That’s just like Quake,” my friend said, looking over my shoulder at the labyrinthine, computer-generated Columbine High floor plans in the New York Times. It was […]

  • Pot Shots

    It’s addictive. It causes crime. It leads to hard drugs. These are a few of the myths generated by the U.S. government in its never-ending war on the cannabis plant and repeated for decades by uncritical elements of the media. The myths come and go, according to the needs of the day. Thus, when marijuana […]

  • Jill of All Trades

    In the wake of the Lewinsky scandal, the powers that be at The New York Times have sent a not-so-subtle message to the Washington bureau: You are no longer competing with just The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times, but with every newspaper, broadcast outlet, and Web site in the […]

  • The Pragmatic Politician

    For state comptroller H. Carl McCall, this year’s campaign was to be a further testament to his uncanny ability to transcend race. After all, McCall is the only African American and the only Democratic incumbent, state wide, on the November ballot. In a Quinnipiac poll released late last month, he had a 33-point advantage over […]

  • New York as a Jim Crow Disgrace

    The minority report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Police/Community Relations has a section called ”Myths About Police Misconduct.” It says:”With stunning predictability, mayors and police commissioners have insisted that police brutality is a rare occurrence. But facts belie this assertion… Between 1994 and 1996, this city’s citizens filed almost 10,000 allegations of excessive force […]

  • Serious as Cancer

    The New York Times‘s May 3 front-page story on a potentially imminent cure for cancer has given the paper its worst publicity blitz since 1991, when the Times printed the name of the woman who accused William Kennedy Smith of rape. Gina Kolata’s article on the research of Dr. Judah Folkman raised eyebrows–and then, almost […]

  • Home of the Moan

    As President Clinton’s recent troubles have demonstrated, it’s not the economy, it’s the body, stupid. And like his alleged fondness for blowjobs, vaginas are going public. On V-Day (formerly Valentine’s Day), a host of big muthas will perform Eve Ensler’s Obie-Award-winning The Vagina Monologues at the Hammerstein Ballroom Theater. The usual suspects—Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, […]

  • Joystick City

    In 1971, a young entrepreneur named Nolan Bushnell decided to market a game that computer scientists were playing, trading, and tinkering with on mainframes across the country. Though Computer Space wasn’t much more than simple line-drawing “ships” among white pixel “stars,” Bushnell made history by making the game a piece of furniture. As the first […]

  • Vonnegut’s Last Laugh

    Putting away my tape recorder in his lawyer’s conference room, I thanked Kurt Vonnegut for his time. A courteous man, he claimed to have enjoyed himself: “It’s nice to talk to someone who’s pleasant.” When you’re face-to-face with your last literary hero on these shores, you somehow hope you’ll come away with a snazzier accolade […]