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  • Holiday Arts Guide: Music Picks

    Jason Moran & the Bandwagon November 26–December 1 Moran, a MacArthur “genius grant”-winning pianist, can be heard to fine effect in a variety of bands and settings — though the Bandwagon is one of his steadiest (not to mention most rewarding) groups. It’s been three years since their last Blue Note album, Ten, so this […]

  • Terry Riley & Gyan Riley

    If keyboardist-vocalist Terry Riley is the father of minimalism, guitarist Gyan Riley is its brother. The pair has been improvising together for nearly two decades, blending Indian, flamenco, and modern classical to create structured and unstructured compositions out of thin ether. Guest percussionist David Cossin and renowned electric violinist Tracy Silverman join them here. Sun., […]

  • Kronos Quartet

    Consisting of 12 works from 11 countries, the local premiere of Kronos’s “Awakening: A Musical Meditation on the Anniversary of 9/11” suggests an artistic attempt to reestablish the international echoes of what seems to have evolved into a patriotic wallow. The program combines contemporary works by John Oswald (“Spectre”), Michael Gordon (“The Sad Park”), Osvaldo […]

  • Before There Was MTV, There Was Bruce Conner

    Bruce Conner (1933–2008) was a film artist who changed the game with his first movie, titled A Movie (1958). Every image in this 12-minute assemblage, except the title card (“A Movie by Bruce Conner”) is secondhand—drawn from newsreels, travelogues, stag films, and academy leaders. Premiered at a San Francisco gallery as part of the sculptor’s […]

  • Acid Mothers Temple

    Japanese psych-rock diehards Acid Mothers Temple are riff hypnotists and distortion mystics. Hell, they would prolly ride that snaky Hawkwind lick all night long if the Knitting Factory didn’t have a closing time. Their latest album, In 0 to Infinity, is a space-rock reimagining of Terry Riley’s In C, dragging the minimalist masterwork through a […]

  • ‘Terry Riley’s In C’

    The Kronos Quartet has assembled an A-list roster for the 45th anniversary of composer Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece consisting of 53 repeated parts for “any number of any kind of instruments.” In addition to Kronos, this unique and massive conglomerate will include composer Morton Subotnick, singer Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, trumpeter Dave Douglas, composer-keyboardist Philip […]

  • Freak Folk

    I just love it when this happens: Barely two weeks into the new year and here comes Opera Jawa, a surrealist Indonesian pomo-folkloric/funkadelic musical–slash–avant-garde pop-and-lock revolutionary romance–slash–Hindu song-and-dance-installation art extravaganza. It would be unseemly, so soon, to big-up OJ as one of the best films of 2008, so to keep things circumspect, let’s just call […]

  • Dance

    Masters of the art of transformation, Ronald K. Brown and his exceptional performers whip up a smooth but potent blend of African, modern, jazz, and hip-hop moves. People who’ve never before bothered with dance suddenly get it. Brooklyn’s 651 Arts presents the New York premiere of Brown’s Dance for Peace, a quarter-hour ensemble work set […]

  • Simple Things First

    I Have Had to Learn the Simplest Things Last is the title of a recent Peter Garland work. It’s a great title, but it strikes me that Garland learned the simplest things earlier than most people do. At least Garland’s music has always been simple, in a way, from the time it started out as […]

  • Jumping the Groove

    The day minimalism was born, inertia became a problem again. It had last been one in the 18th century. Bach and Handel, once they started a musical movement, were content to chug along without significant change in tempo or texture until the final chord. Haydn and Mozart, taking cues from operatic usage, learned with difficulty […]