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  • No Distillery, No Problem: Why You Should Buy Whiskey Without a Corporate Legend

    So there’s this dirty, not-so-little secret in the whiskey industry involving production and bottling: A large majority of so-called craft spirits aged in the barrel aren’t actually distilled by the folks whose name you see on the label. That means many celebrated small-batch brands are little more than pretty bottlers. This fact has been well […]

  • The Frontier Is the Setting for a Tense Family Reunion

    To properly convey how much time Professor Sean Sullivan (Max Gail) spends verbalizing his stream of consciousness and/or reading Walt Whitman aloud in The Frontier would be difficult. His estranged son, a ranch hand who goes by his middle name of Tennessee (Coleman Kelly) and has come to visit the old man because he senses […]

  • Kings of Leon

    Since they released their debut album in 2003, Kings of Leon have been an oddly reliable landmark in rock ‘n’ roll. Continuously supplying bluesy, southern stadium stompers, the family band always releases a new album filled with arena-worthy material before you can say, “Hey, I wonder what Kings of Leon is up to?” In 2013, […]


    If he weren’t already a singer, Craig Morgan would make a good subject for a country song: Born in Tennessee, this married father of four served 10 years in the army before returning home to raise his kids, rescue someone else’s from a burning building, and (according to the genre’s most played song of 2005) […]


    Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s Tennessee theme park, is an embarrassment of riches for fans of the Smoky Mountain Songbird. It’s got a replica of the Appalachian cabin in which she grew up, members of her extended family working the BBQ stands, and one of her wig-and-sparkly-outfit-packed tour buses. One thing it doesn’t have, however, is a […]

  • The Slow Burn of Sharon Van Etten

    Three years ago, Sharon Van Etten—then a 25-year-old singer-songwriter who’d recently left her boyfriend in Tennessee to make music in New York—landed an internship at the record label Ba Da Bing, home to the buzz band Beirut. To label owner Ben Goldberg, she was a disciplined, fastidious, quiet gift. Maybe too quiet. Van Etten didn’t […]


    We’ve given Neon Indian, a/k/a VEGA mop-top Alan Palomo, some slow claps in the past for his kitschy, electro chill-wave, but nothing could’ve prepared us for his set at the Bonnaroo Festival in June; dude took a massive, dim tent in a Tennessee field and made it the happiest, cheekiest dance party of the year, […]

  • Regrets, I’ve Had a Few: A Hermit’s Pre-Death Funeral in Get Low

    “No Damn Trespassing, Beware of Mule!” warns the hand-carved sign posted near the high country cabin of Tennessee recluse Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), whose abrupt decision to re-engage with the larger world propels Get Low, an imperfect but rewarding new film. It is 1938, and Felix, who’s been in a self-imposed exile for 40 years—”the […]

  • Freshmen Director Undercuts Hal Holbrook’s Dream Roll in That Evening Sun

    First-time writer-director Scott Teems has given 84-year-old master actor Hal Holbrook a dream role in Abner Meecham, a Tennessean who walks out of a nursing home and returns to the remote farm where he spent his life. On arrival, Meecham discovers that his son (Walton Goggins) has rented the place to a local bad apple […]

  • Kings of Leon

    It took ’em four albums and nearly a decade, but Tennessee’s Kings of Leon finally broke through to middle American rock fans with 2008’s Only by the Night, which is their most popular record in the States and also their best. They’re adjusting happily to their newfound fame: Later this year, they plan to release […]