Tag: Tara Donovan

  • Christians to Lions

    This marvelous exhibition of drawings and prints reveals anew why Rembrandt is always in vogue. Two stages of a Crucifixion scene have the freshness of Warhol: Funnels of divine light bathe Christ and the crowd beneath him, but the inking and re-etching of the plate for each impression imbues these chiaroscuro dramas with jagged, human […]

  • Thimble Cities

    Even with the best special effects, those miniature cities that Godzilla destroys on-screen never get the scale quite right. Barbieri’s cunning photographs of Las Vegas and Rome subvert make-believe worlds by reducing colossal cityscapes to soft-focus vignettes that feel like a filmmaker’s scaled-down sets. Shooting from helicopters with a large-format camera, the artist zeroes in […]

  • Heaps and Consequences

    Near the bottom of page 42 of a small Jasper Johns sketchbook from 1963–1964, between two similarly dense observations about art, is a kind of Albert Einstein axiom of aesthetics. Johns, then 33, almost a decade away from creating his art-history-altering American flag and at an apex of thinking about art at the time, penned […]

  • Material Girl

    Her shimmering installation of cut electrical wire in the 2000 Whitney Biennial was so flagrantly beautiful that nearly everyone ignored it. It was hard at that moment to deal with its extreme accumulation, its nebulous formality, or its almost autistic fascination with raw visuality at the expense of anything vaguely resembling a social issue. Now […]