Tag: Susan Sontag

  • High Art in a Low Land

    AMSTERDAM — He ain’t in the Rijksmuseum, but Ivo van Hove is still something of a Dutch master. The ambitious artistic director of the Holland Festival, his goal is to showcase the current Golden Age of avant-garde theater directing. Strained metaphors aside, a sampling of the Holland Festival proved invigorating after a season of reduced […]

  • Debating the Death of Cinema

    The “Death of Cinema” roadshow that Susan Sontag’s Times Magazine essay set in motion in 1996 arrived at MOMA last week, in the form of a panel discussion taking off from last summer’s two-part article by New York Press critic Godfrey Cheshire. His piece, “The Death of Film/The Decay of Cinema,” was no self-serving pronouncement […]

  • American Civilization: Dead, or Playing Possum?

    “Knowledge Is Good? Intellectuals Bomb Out of Town” May 5, 1980 Saratoga Springs, April 10. Lining the streets of North Broadway are the sort of threatening-looking trees that pelted Dorothy and Toto with apples on their way to Oz. After hanging a left, the visitor finds himself in the bosom of Skidmore College, where squirrels […]