Tag: Susan Faludi

  • Women Are Fighting for Their Rights Again? Cue the Backlash

    With its elevation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court earlier this month, the Senate served up a neat smackdown to the #MeToo movement, which for the past year had given women a glimmer of hope that their stories of sexual harassment and assault would finally be heard and believed, and that the men […]

  • Who Stole Feminism?

    Now that Susan Faludi’s busy examining the plight of man and Naomi Wolf’s become a punch line for trying to make Al Gore more of one, the time seems right for some girl provocateurs to mount a formidable argument for continuing the revolution. Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards hope to give the movement a boost […]

  • Mr. Natural

    Why they call boxing “the sweet science” is a mystery, unless you understand the sport as a powerful repository of ideas about men’s primal nature. In the spectacle of a titanic fight and the glory of a world champion lie the deepest codes of male violence and its sublimation into sport. The ring is a […]

  • The Fall of Man

    There were two types of American men who entered my youth. The first were the Mormon missionaries who often made the rounds in my small Scottish town. Inviting them in to chat was like having bona fide aliens in your house. The bubbly candor with which they were willing to muse on the meaning of […]