Tag: Studio at Webster Hall

  • Zoo Troop Gang

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the Zoo Troop, a corps of adults who entertain children while wearing outsize anthropomorphic animal costumes. While Bergen County MCs Zoo Troop Gang are no relation, they’re no less ridiculous, half-serious swag-rap minstrels rocking shades and chin-straps in hi-res videos that are especially hilarious because Timmy Titus and Richie Stacks have […]

  • Angels and Airwaves

    Last year’s glum Blink-182 reunion album, Neighborhoods, had to have been a disappointment to anyone who once valued this SoCal trio’s strange marriage of deep thoughts and dick jokes. But you know who probably loved it? Fans of Tom DeLonge’s other band, Angels & Airwaves, which tonight brings its bloated sci-fi emo to Webster Hall’s […]

  • Saigon

    Last February, after years of hanging in limbo, Saigon’s debut, The Greatest Story Never Told, finally saw the light of day, quickly landing on the hip-hop charts. Hard on the heels of that success, Tha Yardfather is proving he’s still hungry with a new remix-oriented mixtape, Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave, and […]

  • Cloud Nothings

    On his albums as Cloud Nothings, Cleveland native Dylan Baldi catalogs his anxieties, fears, and over-amped neuroses in blood-red spray paint. Along those lines, Attack On Memory doesn’t represent much of a departure, but it also mostly abandons the busted-seams punk-pop of Cloud Nothings and Turning On for the great blue yonder: Dude steps outside […]