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  • The House on 11th St.: Digging Up the Debris

    1970 Village Voice article by Ron Rosenbaum about the Weathermen blowing up a townhouse on 11th Street

    A Bomb Factory? The “live bomb” which, according to Monday night radio reports, was discovered in the ruins of 18 West 11th Street turned out to be a six-inch vintage 1916 shell, probably a souvenir, probably dead. But the two dead bodies pulled from the tons of brick, plaster, and charred furnishings in the basement […]

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Conspiracy in Jail

    1970 Village Voice article about the Chicago Seven Trial

    The Press of Freedom: Transcending of Differences The long-distance operator finally reached the Conspiracy office the Saturday before last, several hours after the Appeals Court granted bail to the Chicago Seven. The caller asked for several of the defendants, none of whom was available.¬†“I’m really sorry, operator,” ¬†blurted the euphoric, thoroughly exhausted staff worker, “they’re […]

  • home/sick Maps the Weathermen

    Enter this brick box in the heart of Williamsburg’s youth-mecca, and right away you’ll feel like you’ve joined a 1960s meeting of Students for a Democratic Society. An audience of middle-class progressives sprawls across risers or on the floor waiting for someone to step up to the mic and get things started. The cast appears: […]

  • Mao Mix

    Landmark 1960s social-change groups such as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are widely remembered for their progressive impact upon American society. But the raft of overtly revolutionary political organizations that emerged in the wake of SDS’s demise, such as the Revolutionary Union (RU) and the Communist Party […]

  • What Would the Community Think

    Kenneth Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me, the winner of two of Sundance’s biggest prizes, seems like a TV movie. A well-written, sympathetically acted TV movie, to be sure, but so timid and clumsy in its deployment of picture, sound, and editing that you have to wonder if executive producer Martin Scorsese bothered to give […]