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  • Mayor Pander

    Tickets went on sale re- cently for the June opening day of the Staten Island Yankees— and, strange as it sounds, the publicly financed launch of New York’s third professional baseball team illustrates just how wrongly Rudy Giuliani has handled Amadou Diallo’s death. The “one standard­one city” mayor insists that his inability to get beyond […]

  • Soho Abcedarius

    The Gallic culture with which I enjoy the greatest affinity is viniculture. Like many early winos, I rejoiced in the discovery of the French paradox, having spent decades, glass of rouge in hand, watching with bemusement as my friends learned the glories of the grape, swilling their way from Boone’s Farm to Beringer and from […]

  • Trash Talking

    Vinny Rienzo (Sanitation Worker/Personal Trainer) Income: $60,500 (1998) Health Insurance: $60/mo. copay Rent: $650/mo. Utilities: included in rent Phone: $50/mo. Food: $450/mo. Transportation: $150/mo. Hardly a moment goes by that Vinny Rienzo is not interrupting the earth’s gravitational pull. Either he is lifting 10 tons of garbage a day in his job at the New […]

  • Old Guys Yes, Retro Never

    The retro vogue muddied the water a bit in 1998. Some jazz enthusiasts thought they had to proffer at least qualified support, as in: Isn’t this what we fantasized— a popular revival of swing, big bands, touch dancing, and, let’s just say it flat out, an antidote to that goddamn rock? Indeed, if we can […]

  • Division of Labor

    Location: Financial District Price: $330,000 ($1700 maintenance) Square Feet: 1870 Occupant: Julie Gaines and David Lenovitz (owners, Fishs Eddy houseware stores); Ben, 7; Susie, 2 Julie, not only is your building, which has mint green hallways, down the street from glamorous St. Paul’s Chapel that’s all pale pink inside with sparkly chandeliers and old crooked […]

  • The Deportees

    Last week’s annual Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria–a white-tie dinner at-tended by the mayor, the governor, and the city’s power elite–is the kind of A-list event regularly hosted by the hotel. Whenever the president and other heads of state sit down to enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Waldorf, the banquet manager attends […]

  • Upswing

    Viagra, a new medicine that helps combat impotence, is being touted as the miracle pill of the millennium. Heavy worldwide demand may make it the biggest-selling drug of all time. Want a prescription?   Tony Lipari Age: 31 Resides: Midland Beach, Staten Island Occupation: Elevator mechanic Do you or your significant other need this drug? […]