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  • Your Voter’s Guide to Choosing a New Name for the Staten Island Yankees

    At the beginning of the summer, the Staten Island Yankees kicked off a search for a new name. No, they couldn’t drop the Staten Island part of their moniker — that was non-negotiable. But the Yankees, for whatever reason, had to go. So they reached out to the general public, we real regular Joe’s, to […]

  • Staten Island Trump Sculpture Now Back and Bigger Than Ever

    On Monday, we brought you the story of Sam Pirozzolo, the Staten Island man whose giant T tribute to Donald Trump caught fire early Sunday morning. Pirozzolo has told reporters that it was set ablaze by ne’er-do-well Trump haters who scaled a fence on Staten Island to douse his sign in gasoline. The police have […]

  • Trump Sculpture Set Ablaze in Conservative Stronghold of Staten Island

    For the past several years, Staten Island resident Sam Pirozzolo has been putting sculptures on his lawn as a way of paying respect to causes he believes in. His lawn has featured tributes to police officers, Christmas pageantry, and, last year, a monument to the World Series–bound New York Mets. Fellow Staten Island resident Scott […]

  • Fecht Club: New York’s Women Warriors Kick Ass

    “This is what’s happening: I’m going to hit this guy.” Listening to Tanya Smith talk about her longsword fighting strategy is like hearing a battle-scarred general talk tactics. But looking at her, it’s kind of hard to picture how she executes it. She’s five foot two and, in her own words, has “stubby little arms” […]

  • Where to Find the Best Pizza on Staten Island

    From old-school slices to new-school pies, we trekked throughout Staten Island in search of the area’s best pizzas. Here are our favorites. For more about these Staten Island pizza parlors, check out our list. Photos by Mary Bakija for the Village Voice

  • Outer-Borough Jurors: Here’s Where to Get Lunch While Doing Your Civic Duty

    When I was called recently for jury duty, foremost on my mind — after hoping I’d be excused — was where I could go for lunch. Nothing takes the sting out of hours of milling about a courthouse hallway like a good meal, but there was a problem: I was serving in Kew Gardens. Though […]

  • Citi Bike to Meet With Bronx Borough President After Critical Comments

    The first 500 people to register for Citi Bike in Jersey City get a free tote bag. They should be so lucky in the Bronx, the borough of 1.4 million that for now can only dream of a fully stocked bay of the shiny, royal-blue bicycles. Tuesday’s announcement that the bike-sharing program would open in Jersey […]

  • Sanitation Sergeant Frank Musella Dies on the Job on Staten Island

    City flags were ordered to half-mast on Thursday after the death of Sanitation Enforcement Sergeant Frank Musella. According to the Department of Sanitation, the nine-year veteran was on duty on Staten Island on Wednesday when he “mentioned” the heat — which climbed as high as 96 degrees — to a colleague. Musella, 37, then went […]

  • A Victorious Goat Soup at Taqueria Gallo Azteca

    The bowl of broth reveals more meat at its depths than can seemingly fit in the bowl. This edible optical illusion is consome de chivo, a simple goat soup served on the weekends at Taqueria Gallo Azteca (71 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island; 718-273-6404), one of Staten Island’s stellar Mexican restaurants. The broth is unclouded and […]

  • This Weekend’s Five Best Food and Drink Events in NYC – 4/10/2015

    If you now know every line of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it’s time to get out of the house. Here are this weekend’s five best food and drink events. Gotham on a Plate, The New School, 66 West 12th Street, Friday and Saturday, 9:15 a.m./10 a.m. Interest in food has never been greater, but what does […]