Tag: Stapleton (New York)

  • Tompkinsville and Stapleton: Diverse Staten Island Destinations

    Gallons of ink have been spilled in recent years about what has been variously termed Staten Island’s “boom,” its “renaissance,” or its “massive transformation.” “Look,” a chorus of Manhattanites says, “the uncultured, backcountry borough has become so civilized — it has craft beer and fancy apartments and Zagat-worthy restaurants.” Much of the yuppification has been […]

  • D-Day for Dubya

    “This is his moment. This is his Omaha Beach. He knows exactly what to do.” —Craig Stapleton, U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic, talking about Bush to The Washington Post, Sunday, March 9. (Full disclosure: Stapleton’s wife, Dorothy, is a Bush cousin, and the couple were big contributors to the Bush campaign before he was […]