Tag: Stanley Aronowitz

  • Progressives Use Frustration as Fuel for Action

    “People always say lefties complain too much,” I complained to Stanley Aronowitz, one of the organizers of this weekend’s Left Forum 2006, “instead of coming up with . . . ” “Alternatives!” Aronowitz, the noted labor activist, finished the sentence. “You asked the right question.” Examining the list of more than 70 panels to choose […]

  • Which Third Way?

    It was after 10 p.m. on Thursday when the delegate assembly of the Professional Staff Congress—the union representing more than 20,000 faculty and staff of the City University of New York—voted 34 to 20 (with one abstention) to endorse Carl McCall for governor. By the time the votes were cast, the meeting had gone on […]

  • Dreaming Green

    A huge inflatable pig, the veteran of many demos, squatted on Wall Street last Friday, as 1500 people gathered to assail the usual military-industrial suspects. Ralph Nader had organized this rally to promote his group Democracy Rising, so there was no Green Party banner in sight. But the Greens’ candidate for governor of New York, […]