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    Today, soothe your hangover-addled brain by dropping in on the Poetry Project’s Annual 24-hour New Year’s Day Marathon Benefit Reading, held at St. Mark’s Church. In a city of vanishing cultural institutions, this annual reading has been going strong since 1974, and has featured such New York luminaries as Jim Carroll, Patti Smith, and Allen […]


    We all know lunch hour isn’t actually for eating lunch; it’s for running to the bank, going shopping, or throwing back a few midday business shots. In the case of Frank O’Hara, it was for poetry, and his might have been the best use of those precious 60 minutes in the whole dreary history of […]

  • A Village Voice Article Inspires If You Can Get to Buffalo

    The early ’90s was the dinosaur age of the Internet: Dial-up modems whined, the “information superhighway” was common parlance, and multi-user dimensions — the fledgling ancestors of virtual worlds — were just emerging. Trish Harnetiaux isn’t nostalgic for that time in her new play, If You Can Get to Buffalo, but she makes an amusingly […]


    The Poetry Project’s annual New Year’s Day Marathon is turning 40, and we’re looking forward to its elegant and introspective sweep into middle age. It’s no wonder the tradition has lasted — a large dose of verse (and aspirin) has been proven restorative after a night of drunken debauchery. We’re excited to see some of […]


    Using handcrafted 16mm film made in collaboration with Shona Masarin, live performance by a multi-generational cast including tap sensation Michelle Dorrance and veteran choreographer Elizabeth Keen, and gradations in between that connect Dada, surrealism, and vaudeville, Cori Olinghouse’s Ghost lines draws on her years of release-based experience as a dancer with Trisha Brown, her practice […]

  • Eternal Tests the Audience’s Mettle

    Depending on who you are, Eternal will seem endlessly fascinating or flat-out boring. Director Daniel Fish has recorded two actors (Christina Rouner and Thomas Jay Ryan) on two channels of video, who appear frontally on two different screens, and charged them with repeating the last scene of Michel Gondry’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless […]

  • Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists

    And you thought Amanda Palmer was ambitious. Guitarists versed in meditation and the Fripp’s Guitar Craft technique will pay $1000 for the privilege of training with and performing alongside the King Crimson leader during a few East Coast gigs. The fee includes room, board, transportation, and Alexander technique sessions. Fripp says the shows will reflect […]

  • The Poetry Project’s 39th Annual New Year’s Day benefit

    It’s easy to forget that “Auld Lang Syne” was first a poem, written by Robert Burns in 1788, before it became the song that rang out annually over a Times Square packed with Nivea-sponsored balloons and one really psychotropic disco ball. But we’ve heard enough of that one. This year, get some new material at […]


    Where have all the poets gone? They’re all in New York today. Close to 300 spoken-word artists are performing at one of two classic New Year’s Day readings. The Poetry Project’s 38th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Benefit Reading has 140 of them, some with pretty big names (Thurston Moore, Jonas Mekas, Penny Arcade, and […]

  • Day of the Dead

    Enjoy a traditional Mexican festival, with altar building, food, workshops, dance, poetry, and music. Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, noon. Starts: Oct. 29. Continues through Nov. 2, 2011