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  • Close-Up on Livingston, Staten Island

    Ancient mariners, underground railroaders, legendary cricketers—what Livingston, Staten Island, lacks in residents, it more than makes up for in ghosts. This village-sized enclave—on the North Shore of the quietest borough—still retains the shape it had in the mid-nineteenth century, when famed abolitionist and ophthalmologist Samuel MacKenzie Elliot bought up dozens of houses and helped make […]

  • ‘One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern’

    Exactly the sort of starry-eyed, bullet-spraying hyperbole that drains credibility from any brand of political discourse, Stephen Vittoria’s exhaustive portrait of McGovern and his career leading up to the derailed 1972 presidential campaign may be useful as home-front history, if only it didn’t rant, yowl, and wet its pants so much. McGovern’s path into Nixon’s […]

  • Listings

    BELOW CANAL ZEYTUNA V 59 Maiden Lane, Financial District, 483-0117 This gourmet grocer vends the usual juices, sodas, and sandwiches from their front porch, but on an adjacent griddle find sizzling gozleme (“Turkish panini,” $3.99), a Turkish specialty that arose during the Ottoman Empire as the Anatolian answer to the French crepe. The thin dough […]

  • Close-Up On: St. George

    When Allen Ginsberg wrote in Howl that he saw the best minds of his generation and that they wailed, he added that “the Staten Island ferry also wailed.” Any Staten Island expat worth her saltwater tears can tell you about the integral relationship of the ferryboat to the city, and of the peculiarly beautiful experience […]