Tag: St. Augustine (Florida)

  • Dare Not Walk Alone

    The more things change, the more they stay the same for disenfranchised African- Americans in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida. At least that’s the argument persuasively, if haphazardly, put forth by director Jeremy Dean’s documentary Dare Not Walk Alone, which casts one eye back to the city’s not-insignificant role in the 1960s civil-rights […]

  • The Ugly Stick

    Umberto Eco is 75 and has entered the autumnal stage of intellectual renown when publishers sell his books with his name rather than his actual writing. He is not yet the factory of anthologies that Harold Bloom has become. But like On Beauty, Eco’s previous well-packaged venture into aesthetics, much of On Ugliness is a […]

  • Emo Band From Florida Embraces ’80s Corporate Rock With Open Arms

    A big misconception among emo-core bands is that hardcore punk is the best musical vehicle with which to translate their earnestness. They believe the severity of their anguish and longing to be tangible as a result of tonsil-wrecking screams and bone-bruising dissonance. Instead of studying the Dischord catalog, lonely-hearts-club rockers could convey their turmoil just […]

  • Don’t Look Back

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some lyrics in Bob Dylan’s “Floater” (off his 2001 album “Love and Theft“) bear striking similarities to lines in Junichi Saga’s Confessions of a Yakuza (Kodansha, 253 pp., $11). But does the influence of the obscure book—which recounts a former Japanese gang boss’s personal history—reach even further than […]