Tag: Smash Mouth

  • 1999 Pazz & Jop: Flak on Both Sides

    Rock critics are nerds. We like it that way. We like staying home and listening to records, then trading them in for other records (even, heh heh, beer money). We like being on the guest list, too. There’s lots of good things about this job. We don’t have to coo over John Updike or Robert […]

  • Smash Mouth

    At times, San Jose’s Smash Mouth can seem like a parodic cross between self-help guru pap and a commercial-jingle machine. “All Star” is their best-known anthemic goof, but it might surprise casual listeners to learn that they’re packing an entire discography designed to scratch the same populist itch. The group’s mash of ska, punk-lite, and […]

  • ‘Summerstage Family Day: the Verve Pipe’

    Remember the days when TRL was bigger than the nightly news, Snake was the only entertainment option on your Nokia cell phone, and frosted tips were the bomb… diggity? Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and the Fresh Prince ruled the airwaves, along with “The Freshmen,” the Verve Pipe’s heart-on-sleeve emo anthem of youthful indiscretion. In the […]

  • Come on Back Eileen

    Where did all the happy rock and roll go? When did mainstream rock stop being clever and sexy and open? In a world where every musical style is a mouse click away, why must it close off so many possible sound colors and expression shades? Even the better nu-metal guilty pleasures and their smarter post-Radiohead […]