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  • Scoring With Slide Hampton’s Color, Swing, and Simple Riffs

    Slide Hampton, the veteran trombonist who guested with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra at the IAJE last month and wrote all the music on their The Way, is a J.J. Johnson man, although he uses more multiphonics than Johnson did. As a composer and orchestrator, he’s far more conventional than Bob Brookmeyer—rather than voicing across sections, […]

  • Twelve Unbelchy Men

    Aren’t trombonists just deeper-voiced saxophonists? Not always. Slide Hampton’s new Spirit of the Horn nearly blows my plunger. His sweet tones, round notes, and mumbling slurs send shocks through my martini and chills down my 40. Hampton’s “Pop Goes the Weasel” snippets throughout “April in Paris” extend from the distance rather than skate across the […]

  • Music

    Enfant Terrible You might have been forgiven for expecting nothing but well-behaved, cutesy pop from the March Records anniversary get-together last Friday. But what’s a ninth-birthday party without the bad kid acting out—in this case, Graham Smith, a/k/a Kleenex Girl Wonder? Early on the first night of the two-part affair at Brownies, Smith made an […]