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    Two of India’s eight classical dance styles hit their marks during the World Music Institute’s two-day Dancing the Gods festival — and those aren’t the only binaries on display. Tonight’s recital — Dwita: Duality of Life — will be performed by Rama Vaidyanathan and her daughter Dakshina Vaidyanathan, masters of the southern Indian Bharatanatyam, said […]


    Imagine, if you can, the least-watched video on YouTube. Perhaps an unsteady camera sits embedded in some random, geographically marginal living room, beaming a family’s cryptic shenanigans to an uninterested world. Is that a party going on? What could these people possibly have to celebrate? And does a karaoke machine really help? The reliably fun […]


    It hasn’t been all Blondie, Sabbath and Nirvana. Because they dig sophisticated blends of eloquent jitter-swing and stormy rumination, The Bad Plus — the rogue piano/bass/drums outfit initially heralded for exploding pop and rock nuggets — has occasionally peppered its sets with Ornette Coleman tunes. “Song X” here, “Law Years” there — every time we’ve […]


    When “My Vag” dropped in 2012, Awkwafina (aka Nora Lum) became a YouTube sensation. Tiny and bespectacled, the Forest Hills rapper has a brashness and ego to match the big guys, with subject matter that involves the superiority of vaginas (“50 times better than a penis”), racism, and stealing people’s iPads in Williamsburg. This year […]


    If you want to see what’s happening in performing arts in China, it won’t cost you more than a subway ride to get there when the Visions + Voices Global Performance Series begins. This second annual event is playing host to China’s top artists in disciplines including theater, dance, film, and art. It kicks off […]

  • ‘Zorn @ 60: Masada Marathon’

    The day after Yom Kippur, downtown visionary composer John Zorn hosts an extended evening of his Book of Angels series, perhaps the crown jewel of Masada, his spiritually irreverent and irreverently spiritual sect of avant-Judaism. For three and a half hours, a school of collaborators, from Secret Chiefs 3 to idiosyncratic guitarist Marc Ribot, join […]

  • Mummenschanz

    Does the prospect of a Swiss theater troupe fail to fill you with delight? Do mask and mime not lift your spirits? Then you and your offspring may never have a chance to thrill to the delights of Mummenschanz, a deliciously playful and surreal troupe that comes to the Skirball with their wordless, witty family […]

  • VOX Festival

    There are few cures better for the postapocalyptic hurricane-blackout doldrums than a heavy dose of contemporary opera. With its rabid unpredictability, deconstruction of modern technology, and gale-force philosophical questions, the New York City Opera’s annual festival of new works and works-in-progress presented as staged readings is geared toward destabilizing the unquestioning mind, the pared-down Brechtian […]

  • Debo Band+Forro in the Dark+The Joshua Light Show

    Boston’s Debo Band both recaptures and transcends the golden age of Ethiopian music, adding accordion, strings, and sousaphone to its rolling grooves, funky horn sections, and suave vocalisms to create an 11 member dancefloor rumpus. The Joshua Light Show, closes a four-day run of illuminated sonic diversity tonight with a globalFest-sponsored program that also includes […]

  • ‘The Public Forum: Sondheim / Kusher’

    Following up on the public conversation they began in 2010, Broadway giants Stephen Sondheim and Tony Kushner reconvene at NYU’s Skirball Center to discuss the shows (including Sunday in the Park with George and the gorgeous Passion) addressed in Sondheim’s new latter-years memoir, Look, I Made a Hat. Rocco Landesman of the NEA hosts. Tue., […]