Tag: Sean Wilentz

  • Beat Streets: The War Between the Prophets and the Profs

    Kerouac & Friends assembles Fred McDarrah’s famous hipster photographs with 30 prose pieces of the time by various beats, journalists, and critics. It’s a splendid memoir-montage, not so much about Kerouac as about the Village beat milieu. KerĀ­ouac had a strong New York presence even when he wasn’t in town; one of the most evocative […]

  • R. Crumb, Joyce Carol Oates, Et Al., Get Behind the Music

    As hard as it might be to create a poignant folk song that stands the test of time, it’s also pretty daunting to figure out the best way to suitably interpret these semi-fictional and fictional tunes. When Sean Wilentz and Greil Marcus gathered 22 writers to document the stories behind legendary 20th-century ballads, all of […]