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  • Deep South of Houston: Is a Soul-Food Restaurant Too Black for Soho?

    Lola, a soul-food restaurant that featured live rhythm-and-blues acts, attracts a largely black clientele, and also went by the name Lola Is Soul, decided in 2004, for business reasons, to move from Chelsea to Soho. But once they got there, the owners—a biracial couple—ran into surprisingly stiff opposition from the Soho Alliance, a community group […]

  • Stump the Trump

    With customary bravado, Donald Trump unveiled his new plan for Soho on national TV. He was sitting onstage before a live audience, filming the final episode of his hit reality show The Apprentice on June 5. Cameras zoomed in on the real estate magnate, his trademark squint set beneath his trademark hairstyle, as he announced […]

  • Playing Taps

    Demonstrators who picketed in front of Soho nightspot the Falls on March 10 tried to present a united stance on a singular issue: “Why are we here? For Imette! Why are we here? For Imette!” they chanted. The brightly colored placards they carried only expounded on the theme, blasting bar management in bold type for […]

  • Avon Firing

    Bilal El-Amine, 33, thought he was on a roll when he landed a $20-an-hour freelance gig at Avon Products, Inc., last fall. El-Amine recalls that he quickly pleased his boss by skillfully proofreading the company’s brochures, checking product numbers for everything from mascara to Teletubbies. An employment agency had placed El-Amine at Avon, and he […]