• Where to Celebrate the Final Days of Oktoberfest in NYC

    With larger than life Bavarian pretzels, specially brewed beer, and polka music, Oktoberfest has once again descended upon our fair city. But with festivities already underway and running well into October, finding the right party can be harder than squeezing into a pair of lederhosen after a plate of blood sausages. That’s why we’ve highlighted […]

  • This Week’s Five Best Food Events – 8/11/2015

    What’s the best way to spend your free time this week? How about taking a class on urban gardening, sampling Italian-Jewish cuisine, or twisting and twirling some sausage? Here are the five best food events happening in NYC. Enlightened Eaters, James Beard House, 167 West 12th Street, Wednesday, noon Authors Ernie Zahn and Ron Williams […]

  • Highlights From NYCWFF: Jets Tailgate, Guy Fieri, Oktoberfest, Sunday Slice (Photos)

    A collective “I ate way too much” burst forth from the mouths of attendees of the New York City Wine and Food Festival last night, wrapping up the event for another year. 2013 saw the return of old favorites like La Sagra’s Sunday Slice and Blue Moon’s Burger Bash as well as brand new tailgate […]

  • Chocolate Salami: A Look at Lafayette’s New Saucisson au Chocolat

    Andrew Carmellini’s newest restaurant, Lafayette, opened on Monday and though we’re giving the restaurant a little time before we stop in for dinner, we couldn’t resist an early visit to the pâtisserie up front, where Jennifer Yee’s tiny canelĂ©s (three for $4) and colorful macarons lured us in. The saucisson au chocolat ($14) was a […]

  • Want To Start a Restaurant? Currywurst Bros.’s Cautionary Tale

    Currywurst Bros. during its brief life It’s common to observe that restaurant rents are sky-high and going up all the time. But we rarely have a way to quantify this, to know just how inflated the restaurant-space rents are. Which is why it was illuminating to stumble on an ad for the space on Bleecker […]

  • Soy Sausage Kills 5 at Mexican Drug Rehab Center

    Authorities say that soy sausage has killed five recovering drug addicts and made dozens more ill at a rehab center in Mexico, according to the Associated Press. Cops in Guadalajara don’t know whether the sick-making sausage was just poorly preserved, and a breeding ground for the germs that cause food poisoning, or whether competing drug […]

  • Waverly Diner: Breakfast Check

    The newly reopened Waverly Diner admits plenty of pre-winter sun. When my colleague, the eagle-eyed Lauren Shockey, reported that the Waverly Diner had just reopened after a what-seemed-like-forever hiatus, I dragged my ass over there as quickly as possible, just to see if the place could possibly be the same as it ever was. ] […]

  • It’s a Sausagefest at Sausage Inc.

    New York City isn’t short on hot-dog vendors, but occasionally the dirty-water dog just doesn’t cut the mustard. For those times, Sausage Inc. (106 University Place, 212-414-4344) has come to the rescue. We popped into this recently opened shop to check out the goods. The space, formerly Wok to Walk, doesn’t offer a lot in […]

  • Studies in Crap & Lover’s Lane All Meat Weiners Team Up to Bring You Babies and Hot Dogs!

    Each Thursday, your Crap Archivist brings you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from basements, thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets. I do this for one reason: Knowledge is power. 20 of My Favorite Baby Photos Author: Constance Bannister, “World Famous Baby Photographer,” and Lover’s Lane All Meat Weiners Date: 1953 Discovered […]

  • Thanksgiving Stuffing, Step One

    Alright kids, it’s time to get serious about this Thanksgiving business. On Sunday, my mother, the great Carole Lalli, will be baking some cornbread for her world-famous stuffing. She uses Bernard Clayton’s Rich Corn Bread recipe (from The New Complete Book of Bread), which has egg, butter, and cream in it (holler!) You should buy […]