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  • Jazz Consumer Guide: A Summer Suite of Harmonic Disorder

    Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York Summer Suite Libra With esteemed freethinkers at every position—including Ellery Eskelin and Tony Malaby on tenor sax, and Steven Bernstein and Herb Robertson on trumpet—this big band packs fierce solo power, but Fujii flexes all that muscle masterfully. Her suite runs the loud-quiet, sweet-sour gamut, a model of tight composition […]

  • Muscling Up and Rocking Out

    Pick Hits Wolfgang Muthspiel Bright Side Material This Austrian guitarist is hard to characterize. He avoids power chords and single-note bebop runs, and does without a funk lick or even a blues move. He gets a soft, metallic tone, sometimes tweaking it with effects. His early work suggested fusion, but lately he’s gravitated toward a […]

  • No, Not Those Fugees

    Back in the ’80s, I got a rise out of the eternally genial Dr. Billy Taylor by asking him—no disrespect, one culture worker to another—if it was a drag coming up with an unusual biographical angle when pitching a story to his producers at CBS News Sunday Morning. Stellar musicianship was all that mattered to […]

  • Updates, Not Throwbacks

    Pick Hits MATTHEW SHIPP Harmony and Abyss Thirsty Ear Shipp’s early records were minimal affairs, often duos where he would project long melodic lines like Bud Powell swept into the avant ’90s. Until he hooked up with Thirsty Ear he never showed much interest in rhythm, but working for a rock label brought out his […]