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  • Too Big for Satire: Sacha Baron Cohen and Sarah Silverman Miss America

    Showtime was surely being facetious when, in the run-up to the July premiere of its Sacha Baron Cohen prank show Who Is America?, the network promoted the series as “perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television.” But in the wake of last night’s stinker of a finale, even a generously ironic reading […]

  • 5 Summer Reads Guaranteed to Tickle Your Funny Bone

    In late 2009, New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff boarded Robin Williams’s plane to talk about the comedian’s broken heart: his alcoholism, his bruised relationship with his family, and the actual cow’s heart valve he’d had implanted that March. Itzkoff landed one step closer to a journey that would take four years of his […]

  • A Million Ways to Die in the West: Seth MacFarlane Pulls Off His Trick Shot

    We’re still adjusting to Seth MacFarlane as a big-screen star. Not just because his breakneck absurdist humor often demands viewers pause and rewind, but because the man himself looks like a hand-inked cartoon, with his black, pupil-less eyes and an alabaster baby face that, lacking cheekbones that could carve in some shadows, appears to reflect […]

  • In Ass Backwards, UCB Alums Provide Terrifying and Very Funny Insanity

    Sarah Silverman once told an interviewer that she’d always wanted to play the kind of role that Bill Murray used to play in the 1970s — the unflappable trickster smartasses women are never invited to portray. Fortunately, a lot of women comics are writing and producing their own comedies now; Lauren Miller and Jamie Travis […]


    For all Sarah Silverman’s jokes about vaginas and poop — her self-proclaimed area of expertise—we love this former bedwetter because when it comes to politics, she’s got the singular ability to be serious without ever actually having to act serious at all. Her 2008 project The Great Schlep encouraged young Jews to visit their elderly […]

  • Eight Great Shows You Haven’t Binge-Watched on Netflix Yet

    Luther (Netflix Link) Golden Globe winner and impossible-handsomeness standard-bearer Idris Elba is Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, a brilliant investigator with a complete inability to detach from the darkness of his work. In the pilot, he investigates chilling psychopath Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson — he knows, but cannot prove, that the young woman […]

  • Lisa Lampanelli’s Heading to Harlem for You Know What!

    Comedy’s queen of mean, Lisa Lampanelli, is now the queen of lean—she has lost 102 pounds, which means she basically shed a Sarah Silverman. But she hasn’t lost her edge. Lithe Lisa has been working the circuit with her sticklike figure and devastatingly tart tongue. She hits the Apollo on Wednesday, January 30, at 8 […]

  • Eugene Country

    Started five years ago as a jokey 
alternative to all the celebrity-filled mainstream comedy festivals, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival has 
become a major gathering for fans of the 
local indie-comedy scene. It kicks off at the Bell House on Thursday night with “We 
Appreciate Ourselves,” an anniversary 
celebration that, according to the festival’s website, […]

  • Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

    Dir. Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg (2010). This documentary-portrait celebrates the indomitable stand-up comic through the course of her 76th year. Rivers not only anticipated Sarah Silverman’s Jewish princess shock vulgarity but the class-conscious spite with which Sandra Bernhard attacks celebrity culture. Disappointingly stingy with shtick, the movie presents the image of a dirty-mouthed yenta […]


    If it was ever a shameful secret, it’s certainly out now: Comedian Sarah Silverman was a bedwetter. And not just until she was four or five. People, she was old enough to drive. This might be a sad story if it weren’t for the fact that the adorably nutty star of The Sarah Silverman Program […]