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  • Sarah Palin Was Known as “Sarah Barracuda”

    Hey, maybe she still is, for all I know. Anyway, that’s one of the revelations in the E! True Hollywood Story about the former Alaska Governor, airing on April 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Here are the juiciest quotes the show culled from various experts who’ve observed the scary lady in action. *As a high […]

  • Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin!

    Sarah Palin was the wrong choice for Vice President in 2008, but Julianne Moore seems like the right choice to play Palin in Game Change, the HBO movie that will cover the sweep and drama of that particular historic election. Yes, I know, Tina Fey already nailed the role, but no doubt this film is […]

  • Joan Rivers: My Palin Jokes Cost Me A Fox News Booking

    My favorite comic, Joan Rivers, recently joked that Sarah Palin should go to another planet and get out of our faces, and that people are right to blame her for the Arizona shootings because “she’s stupid and a threat.” Next thing you know, Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends show cancelled her booking! Unlike Palin, […]

  • Let’s All Get Behind Sarah Palin!

    Not literally. That sounds mildly dirty. Just as supporters. If we can rally around the whack job and help her get the Republican nomination in 2012, then we’re totally safe for four more years! She’ll lose! ] It’s only if someone semi-credible is up for the position that we could be in deep shit and […]

  • “Ignore Sarah Palin and She’ll Just Go Away”

    I hear that all the time, and Lord how I wish life could be that easy. I felt that way about reality shows when they started–don’t write about them and they’ll simply vanish–but they grew and grew, funguslike, and now you can’t avoid their invasive terror. We can’t turn our heads and pretend the bad […]

  • Let’s Give Sarah Palin a Break

    Just this time, OK? It would be very comforting to be able to blame Sarah Palin for the horrible Arizona shootings, but it would seem a little hypocritical since we always say you can’t blame rock stars and their crazy songs for various teen tragedies that are often ascribed to them by right wingers. As […]


    Unemployment is still high. Taylor Swift is still America’s Sweetheart (and Jake Gyllenhaal’s, too. Argh!). Sarah Palin is still plaguing the airwaves. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up. Life blows. The 2010 It Sucked! Awards, presented by the improv comedy troupe Sidecar and Upright Citizens Brigade, is honoring the worst of 2010, and there’s […]

  • Bristol Palin Semi-Apologizes for Willow’s Homophobic and Illiterate Slurs

    In a new twist on a fiery Facebook drama, abstinence-loving Bristol Palin has stepped in to apologize for her sister Willow Palin having called a guy who’d derided mama’s Alaska show an f-word. But her apology is even more half-hearted than her sexual politics. First off, she doesn’t apologize for the hate language, she only […]

  • Willow Palin’s Homophobic, Illiterate Facebook Remarks

    Sarah Palin‘s TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a touching, beautiful tribute to the state Palin basically said “fuck you” to by dropping out of the governorship to grab more money and power. Well, in defending the show on Facebook, her 16-year-old daughter Willow Palin told someone, “Your so gay” and “you such a [f […]

  • If It’s President Palin in 2012, Will You Move to Canada?

    Tell me the truth: If the absolute worst-case scenario happens, all good sense is thrown to the tundra, and for some crazy reason Sarah Palin ends up in the White House in two years (and not just scrubbing toilets), will you end up in Saskatchewan? ] Not me. I’ll be there already if Carl Paladino […]