Tag: Sander Hicks

  • Pressing the Point: DIY Publishers Gather in Park Slope

    What do The Joys of African Sex have in common with The Revolutionary Christ? We’re not sure either, but you can ask author-publishers Boniface Wewe (of The Joys) and Sander Hicks (of The Revolutionary) yourself this Saturday at Brooklyn’s hot-off-the-presses meet and greet for rugged individualists of the small-press-books world. Organizer Emily Brown has been […]

  • Kids in the Thrall

    Just off Coney Island Avenue, in Ditmas Park, among the car washes and Pakistani sweet shops, there sits a lefty coffeehouse that seems to have dropped in from Williamsburg or maybe Seattle. Inside, the walls are painted an inviting shade of yellow; undulating, handmade bookshelves feature local zines—one of the store’s bestsellers is America (The […]

  • Burning Bush

    “We were out of the country when coke started to be a big issue for Bush in August of ’99,” recalls Suki Hawley, co-director with Michael Galinsky of the documentary Horns and Halos, which follows the saga of Fortunate Son, the Bush biography recalled by St. Martin’s Press and given a DIY second gasp. “We […]

  • Bush Hears Dead People

    One hundred fifty-two men and women executed on then governor Dubya Bush’s watch in Texas may soon send the president 55th birthday greetings from the grave, thanks to an unintended joint Web effort by his most dedicated fans and his most acrimonious enemies. The scheme is elementary: Over at BackBush.com, adoring minions plan to “sign” […]

  • The Punks of Publishing

    “I didn’t plan on having a literary career,” laughs Gary Hustwit, kicking back in the pastel-hued offices of Incommunicado Press, which adjoin the Lower East Side music salon Tonic. In fact, back in college he was so busy booking shows for his friends’ bands that he got booted out of San Diego State. Yet now […]