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  • New York Feels the Blowback as Puerto Rico is Battered by Drugs and Brazen Murders

    The heavy wooden doors of St. Cecilia’s church slowly swung open. First came the funereal music, floating from the rust-colored building onto the chilly concrete of Spanish Harlem. Then came the casket, wrapped in the blue, white, and blood red of the Puerto Rican flag. “¡Que viva el Macho!” shouted hundreds of mourners from behind […]



    In 2006, Don Omar’s King of Kings took reggaeton higher up on the American pop charts than it had been before. Six years later, the former preacher from San Juan is going as strong as ever, taking home eight awards—more than anyone except bachata freshman Prince Royce—at the recent Billboard Latin Awards. Of those eight […]

  • Meet Charles Juhasz-Alvarado’s Giant Termite

    The termite might be an unlikely symbol of the commonwealth relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S., but for Charles Juhasz- Alvarado—a sculptor who lives in San Juan—the insect has become a kind of idol. At Exit Art, where the artist has his first solo show in New York, the wood-munchers are numerous: Several of […]

  • Don’t Cast Away Puerto Rico

    For many sun-worshipers, Puerto Rico might seem like the been-there, done-that of destinations on the Caribbean Sea. With its close proximity to the East Coast (three-hour flight from New York) and affordable airfares (as low as $200), the “enchanted island” is an obvious choice for travelers in need of a quick escape. But don’t let […]

  • Film

    The downtown performance artist formerly known as Michael Morra, who died in 2001, led the sort of life that might make a compelling film—but not this one. “Anything I ever liked,” he explains, “I always did to excess,” including, but not limited to, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Like its subject, Luis Fernandez de la Reguera’s […]

  • Read, Write, Retouch

    Q: Just joined the digital-camera revolution, and now I’m itching to start Photoshopping all these precious memories. But the program’s a lot more esoteric than I’d imagined, especially for a neophyte like me. Is it worth enrolling in a Photoshop class? That all depends on your long-term Photoshop goals, as well as how much cake […]