Tag: Sally Hemings

  • American Way, Naked Supremes in Daily Show’s Faux Textbook

    The lefties love Jon Stewart, the Republicans fear him (but appear on The Daily Show for a gentle bout of ball-busting anyway), and the irony-damaged young people of this nation worship him for his ability to reduce the most terrifying and senseless world events to a nightly “moment of zen.” America (The Book) bottles the […]

  • Power Steering

    Maybe theater proliferates here because New York’s attention is always so easily diverted: The two most dramatic events of the week were a new piece by Anna Deavere Smith and Patrick Dorismond’s funeral—not necessarily in that order—but everyone I run into only wants to know what I thought of Aida. Not that Aida isn’t relevant: […]

  • A Most Dangerous Woman

    For Barbara Chase-Riboud—known to most as the literary emancipator of Sally Hemings, slave-wife to Thomas Jefferson—1999 will be the sort of crowning year that most artists live out only in their dreams. Accomplished as both a writer and a visual artist, Chase-Riboud will finally bring her two identities into the spotlight at the same time. […]

  • Grave Matters at Monticello

    We cruise the aisles at Wal-Mart and eat chicken-fried steak at Shoney’s. This routine alone is enough to keep me coming back, but really why I go is to hear the same family stories told year after year. A favorite involves my great-great-grandfather, Jack Johns, an African American, and my great-great-grandmother, Anna, his Jewish wife; […]

  • The Jeffersons

    Last week, the journal Nature published a DNA report showing definitively that ole Tommy Jefferson did in fact father at least one child with Sally Hemings, one of his slaves. Whom do you date? Janelle Benjamin Age: 19 Resides: Financial District Occupation: Student Do you date outside your race? Yeah. Twice. My last boyfriend was […]